We’re a full-service content laboratory for the 21st century. In-house studios furnished with modern equipment make our end-to-end process streamlined and nimble.

Share. Engage. Participate. Influence.

Finding the right Influence marketing partner can involve a grueling experience of interviews, RFPs, presentations, and deliberations.

Choosing Vegabond means choosing a reputation built on decades of successful partnerships and real, measurable results.

Together, we can craft the digital strategy that sets your brand apart.

Playing with technology and creativity. Publishing entertaining content. Delivering awesome advertising ROI.

Vegabond, as an Influencer marketing agency in New York, is a diverse collection of astute marketing minds, digital wunderkind, media mavens, poets, dreamers, movers, and shakers all united around one common objective:
Deliver creative marketing solutions that drive results.

Don’t believe engagements = sales? Neither do we!

That’s why Vegabond campaigns focus on metrics that matter.
Sales lift. E-commerce conversions. Qualified web traffic. Audience attention. Viewable impressions.
We’re analyzing data in real-time to optimize your campaign as we go. That’s everything from influencer content, to audience targeting, content format, and more.

Vegabond’s Network

With hundreds of thousands of influencers in our database, across all major channels, we can handle programs of any size or complexity.