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How Placing Emphasis on the Electric Vehicle Can Be a Game Changer for your Dealership

Electrification is shaping our future and can be a game changer for your dealership if you let it.

However, due to society favoring the internal combustion engine for so long, it makes it hard to part from traditional ways.

Yet, we continue to see the development of a more modern world. Which indicates, we need to accept and embrace more modern vehicles.

Drivers of today are more environmentally conscious. And is a contributing factor to the rise in sales of electric vehicles.

Sales of plug-in passenger cars achieved a 2.1% market share of new car sales in 2018, up from 1.3% in 2017, and 0.86% in 2016.

But, traditions are “traditions” for a reason.

We like familiarity, comforts, routine and acceptance. Our lives revolve around them.

Having to make a transition from what we are used to is very challenging.

A lot of change is happening inside each dealership. Some would even argue, too much.

The auto industry is different than it once was due to the introduction of modernization. The way they operate and the vehicles they sell are different, and it is like the alterations keep coming.

The more changes that come, the more dealers experience discomforts in their role.

When you change because you have to, it is a lot harder, then when you change because you want to. Most dealers currently feel this way, making accepting the modern methods difficult to do.

Each era, time-period, and decade have brought their “new ways.”

New lifestyles, cultures, society values, and expectations. Each new generation also comes with the arrival of a “new customer.”

Millennials are today’s “new customer.” They are the future, and they want to move forward in the driver seat of electric vehicles.

But why? To learn the reason, you must get to know your “new customer.”

Get to Know Your “New Customer”

It is no secret, traditions have played significant roles in how dealerships operate. And asking them to embrace the modern world is not easy.

But, to connect with the customers of this generation, you must learn about what is important to them. Then you can use the knowledge you gain to your advantage.

You know what your dealership needs to place emphasis on and why.

It is up to you to get inside the minds of the millennial.

The Millennial Mindset

Millennials are the largest working generation and have a significant influence on consumer preferences.

The paradigm shift to the customer service we are currently experiencing is a direct result of what this generation “needs.”

And when compared to the “needs” of yesteryear, we have come to learn, they are vastly different.

There is no doubt, millennials have a considerable impact on today’s consumer expectations.

Unfortunately, many businesses do not understand the mindset of the millennials. Which has created a “gap.”

This disconnect impacts customer buying decisions. It is why many customers to choose one brand over another. The answer on how to fill this gap is in the details, which a lot of businesses are still misunderstanding.

Get to know what matters most to millennials to begin communicating with them better.

Your dealership needs to get onboard with the millennial mindset.

What Matters Most to Millennials?

There are many concerns, issues, and causes millennials care about and want to address. But, before these items can be confronted, it is vital to recognize what matters most to them.

Which is, Millennials “want to matter.” They want a sense of purpose in everything they do. This generation is leading the “purpose” revolution. Millennials have a desire for their work and buying experiences to have meaning that goes beyond payment.

The values of millennials are unlike generations before them. Baby boomers and generation x were more money driven in business. Millennials are very different as their values lie with “purpose.”

Once you accept the “new customer,” you can begin to incorporate their differences into your dealership operations.

The Change to the Dealership Culture

Dealerships are experiencing a massive culture shock. A result of the millennials who strive to find “purpose” in everything they do.

Their purpose can range from creating a work-life balance to working for companies that practice methods for the social good.

Millennials want to make an impact on the injustices of the world. They want to fix inequality, climate change, and environmental degradation. This generation believes they must find and create a purpose to change for the better.

In 2016, 76 percent of millennials said they would rather take a pay cut than work for a company with unethical business practices.

Clearly, there is a gap between workplace culture and the expectations of the millennial.

Your dealership’s culture needs to continue evolving to close this gap.

So, what do you know about the millennials?

Society and environmental causes are fundamental to them.

What can your dealership do to embrace the millennial mindset?

Make their causes, your causes.

How to Place Importance on Electric Vehicles

As established, the environment is a concern for millennials, and you have a way to show the environment matters to you too.

Some believe dealerships cannot make an environmental due to selling gasoline vehicles.

However, the introduction of electric vehicles has generated a change to this notion.

What many dealerships fail to recognize is the real value of electric vehicles. Emphasizing the positive elements of these vehicles is what you need to start doing.

If you want to gain the relationship, trust, and loyalty of the “new customer,” you have to be willing to be a game changer.

Mobility, autonomy, and electrification will continue making their way into our daily lives. The more they come, the greater of a connection your dealership must make with customers.

Otherwise, the modern “human-to-human” business model will also become absolute. Resulting in no longer needing a human involved in the business-selling process.

You and your team need to share the features of electric vehicles. Offer customers information on how they are positively impacting our world. Disclose the “Why” behind each of the features and express how their impact matters to your dealership.

Change the game. Show the “new customer” your dealership “gets it.”

When you do, you are inviting millennials to get to know more about your dealership, and… the relationship begins.

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